How to Increase Board Meeting Productivity

Board meetings can prove to provide a wonderful venue to have productive discussions that further company goals. The best boards foster robust conversations and a range of opinions to generate creative ideas. Meeting productivity is not 100% guaranteed. Board members are often distracted by personal matters, technology or an inability to plan when planning their meetings. It is crucial to identify the causes of ineffective board meetings in order to ensure that the meetings run smoothly.

Repetition of the same issues is a typical cause of ineffective board meetings. This is because board members don’t understand the actions they have to be accountable for, or if they were not able to take action after previous meetings. It is crucial to keep minutes of board meetings that are concise and clear.

Another problem that is often encountered is that members get caught up in lengthy reports and other routine items on the agenda. This can cause attendees to become disengaged and check out. To reduce the length of meetings, it is recommended to limit report time to 25 percent of the meeting. Also, leave the majority the major barriers to board meeting productivity of meeting time for strategic conversations.

Also, it is important that all attendees are prepared for the meeting ahead of time. This can be achieved by communicating the agenda along with all necessary attachments with attendees prior to the meeting. By having all pertinent information in one centralized location board members are better equipped for discussion and concentrate on the most important issues at hand.

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